NST Group companies recruit and rent out personnel within a wide range of trades and areas of competence, and it is important for us to be able to offer what our various clients needs and requires.

Personnel is recruited all over Europe through our companies in Spain and Lithuania. We have long experience, and good competence to find the right personell.

Our clients that prefer to rent personell rather than employ, can do this through NST Contracting as which is an approved rental company.

The client chooses personnel after what norms and requirements every company has, and can get this personnel from one supplier.

We rent out personnel on long- and short term contracts, we put together teams and solutions after specific needs, we can advise regarding various combinations of personnel with different skills together, etc.


The main activity of NST Baltija is rental of temporary personnel.
We have been providing Rental of Personnel Services since 2003. Our goal is to guarantee that our clients have sufficient number of qualified, responsible and motivated workers. Rental of Personnel releases the company’s own resources and time as well as eases the management of extra employment, and let the management concentrate on company`s main activities.

Rental of Personnel might be handy when:
• there are restrictions to employ new workers;
• when replacement is needed (to cover annual leave, sickness as well as study, maternity- and childcare leave);
• the scope of works is various (seasonal work load or unforeseen order);
• there is lack of experts for projects;
• a longer trial period is necessary;
• a company does not have a registered office in Lithuania.
• for short projects

We offer:
• Selection of personnel;
• Employment of workers and initial instruction on safety at work;
• Calculation and payment of wages;
• Taxes (Social Insurance, Income Tax of Individuals);
• Replacement of workers in cases of sickness or absence from work;
• Possibility to employ a worker of NST Baltija on a permanent basis in your company.


We will start our personnell rent services in Spain in near future.

Personnel rent is a possibility to hire specially selected personnel for short or long term projects without employing.

• Decrease of administrative costs – you do not have to handle employments, contract terminations, calculation and payments of wages and taxes;
• Optimization of work efficiency – you can use the workforce in most efficient way, adjusting number of workers needed to the actual work load not vice versa;
• Immediate replacement of temporary worker who does not meet your expectations;
• Focus on business development and expansion – you can put all efforts towards company’s development and growth leaving personnel management to us.

Working in this field for many years in several countries we can assure operative and trustable supply of wide range professions to various clients.

We can immediately provide: secretaries, bookkeepers, office assistants, storekeepers, welders, construction workers, cleaners, waitresses, maids, loaders, packers and labourers.

Services we provide:
• Search, selection and personnel employment;
• Handling of salaries, taxes and documentation;
• Personnel administration.

Our team is made of experts. We work responsibly and have professional attitude towards work. NST Baltija activity is based on law, trust and transparency. We follow strict standards and always apply our undertakings.